Finally, a high-potency , high-value hard candy has arrived!    We invite our patients to taste the rainbow with Bliss Hard Candy 6 pack. Each delicious rancher packs a unique fruit flavor along with 25mg of THC apiece; making the entire package an excellent value at a total of 150mg […]

New Product Highlight- Bliss Hard Candy 150 mg

CaliBloom is proud to announce the newest addition to our menu, CaliBalm, our in-house crafted, organic line of pain relieving topical balms by Lauren Daye.   CaliBalm is an emerging line of cannabis infused, pain relieving topicals made from high quality, all natural, all organic ingredients. Each of CaliBalms’ blends […]

Introducing CaliBalm

The world of cannabis and it’s multitude of product options can be a lot to handle. That’s why we here at CaliBloom are constantly combing the market to bring the members of our collective optimal products for the best values. Here are the newest additions to our offerings- as always […]

New Product Highlights

In many of our previous articles we have alluded to the ever-increasing variety of methods to medicate, which is why we here at CaliBloom are always scouring the market in search of the best new products to offer members of our collective. We are pleased to announce that we will […]

Try a Dose of Subtle-Tea: Tea Varieties and Hard Candy ...

The cannabis market is exploding with new products, new methods to medicate, and an ever-increasing movement towards a milligram-controlled dosing.   With this in mind, you may be wondering- how do you choose your optimal product, and with that, find your optimal dose?   The first thing to do when […]

How Much is Enough?

What is Hash? A friend just got back fro m Israel and reports that most of the weed she saw there was in the form of hash. “Hey, what’s hash?” she asked me. Here’s the answer.   When cannabis plants go into flower, they develop a beautiful sticky resin that […]

What is Hash?