Latest News from CaliBloom

CaliBloom Phone #

It’s come to our attention that some patients are calling drivers personal phones or using an incorrect number for our main line. Our main delivery line number is and has always been 858-472-9498.  Please to make sure to call or text this number ONLY.  Thanks!

CaliBloom Starts New Weekly Text Specials

We will now be sending out weekly and monthly specials out via text message. Please give us a call or text (to 858-472-9498) if you’d like to be added to the list or you can e-mail us at

CaliBloom Now Accept Debit And Credit Cards!

CaliBloom is pleased to announce that we can now accept any Credit or Debit card affiliated with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover!!! The driver will swipe your card in person so you will need to have the physical card available when they arrive. We are working on many changes, one of which is online ordering.  If you are interested in testing out...

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happy Independence Day!  July 4th is an excellent day for all citizens, politicians, and government agencies to reflect on their actions and consider whether they are promoting the ideals stated in the Declaration of Independence; are they empowering people to have more liberty, or are they actively working to take those already existing rights away from citizens? Fortunately, in California we do have some extra freedoms that people...