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This Friday’s Featured Bud is the Chocolate Haze, which means you will get 20% off this strain today! A member of the Haze strain family, Chocolate Haze is a sativa-dominant seed. It is 95 percent sativa and 5 percent indica. Haze strains were originally bred in California in the 1970’s […]

Friday’s Featured Bud – Chocolate Haze – 20% Off

The cannabis market is exploding with new products, new methods to medicate, and an ever-increasing movement towards a milligram-controlled dosing.   With this in mind, you may be wondering- how do you choose your optimal product, and with that, find your optimal dose?   The first thing to do when […]

How Much is Enough?

What is Hash? A friend just got back fro m Israel and reports that most of the weed she saw there was in the form of hash. “Hey, what’s hash?” she asked me. Here’s the answer.   When cannabis plants go into flower, they develop a beautiful sticky resin that […]

What is Hash?

Technicolor Bear
Exactly 20 years after California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, a sizable majority of Californians voted for our great state to legalize recreational use. By any means, Proposition 64 is imperfect, and much of the existing industry will have to face challenges in order to […]

Cannabis is Legal Recreationally in California! Now What?

Buzzie Bears
You asked for more non-chocolate edible options, and we responded! Calibloom will now be offering Buzzie Bears Medicated Gummies, in fruit and sour flavor varieties.   Buzzie bears are packs of medicated Gummy Bears- about 10mg per gummy, with  175mg total per package.  Buzzie Bears come in a resealable package, […]

Introducing Buzzie Bears

Weed Pill
My friend, a longtime hairdresser and healer, told me that he uses cannabis to fight off infections. At first, this might sound like the ramblings of a longtime pothead, but look further and you might find just the opposite. The World Health Organization has been issuing dire warnings about antibiotic-resistant […]

Attack of the Germs!