Attack of the Germs!

130918104519-azuz-superbug-threat-00002430-story-topMy friend, a longtime hairdresser and healer, told me that he uses cannabis to fight off infections. At first, this might sound like the ramblings of a longtime pothead, but look further and you might find just the opposite.

The World Health Organization has been issuing dire warnings about antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In fact, anytime you have to go to the pharmacy for a prescription, you will probably see a sign there warning you not to use antibiotics for viruses, since overusing antibiotics creates resistant strains.

It’s a scary prospect. These antibiotic-resistant strains have the potential to create endemic infections with no medications known to modern science to fight back.

But here’s help, after all: cannabis. A 2008 study showed that cannabis is extremely effective against these resistant bacteria, especially effective when applied topically (think C-Salve, available from our delivery service). The protective elements come from THC compounds, which means that they could be available from any of the varieties on our menu. Smoking, vaping, and topicals can all work.

And like most plant medicine–and unlike antibiotics–cannabis may also work on a spectrum of infections, not just bacterial. In other words, think viral infections, too.

It’s nice to think that while we benefit from the pain relief, relaxation, and pure joy of cannabis, we are also preventing infections.

Want to read more about this? You can find the study results here.

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