Cartridge Price Drops

We are now selling Bhang 550mg cartridges for $40 (instead of $50- that’s a 20% reduction in price)!

bhang-stick-cartridgeIn case you haven’t gotten on the “Vape Train” yet, this modern method of medicating is discreet, portable, and cost effective. To get started, we sell the Bhang vaporizer “pen” ($20), which is reusable when the contents of the cartridge runs out and comes with it’s own USB charger and protective aluminum carrying case. When you inhale, the tip lights up so it’s clear when it’s working and when it’s ready for a charge. As with all vaporizers, there is no smoke and very little taste or smell.

These premium cartridges, or “Bhang Sticks” come in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties. Culture Magazine reports “The cannabis oil is produced through the Super Critical CO2 Cold Extraction Process which means no benzene, naptha or other solvent residues. Whichever strain of cannabis oil is used, the effects are rapid and pronounced. ”

 “Vape” was Oxford Dictionary’s 2014 “Word of the Year” (closely followed by “budtender”)-  get with the times and get yours today!

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