Considering Edibles?

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Why even consider edibles in a world where you can get excellent weed to smoke or vape? You might be surprised at the reasons people give.

Once you find your favorite edible from Caliblooms, you can get your dosing perfect. Caliblooms edibles have consistent levels of medicine and it’s pretty easy to experiment till you find out just what you need. Start slowly because it takes an hour or even two for full effect.

Yes, these edibles taste great! So be sure to start slowly and notice the effects. Soon you will know just the right amount to eat.

It’s easy to wrap a few cookies or brownies to tuck in your backpack or purse as you travel. This is much safer than trying to travel with a vape pen or with flowers.

When you wake up in the morning, you can take your first nibble of edibles as you prepare for your day. Most people say that it takes about an hour to feel the effects, and it is usually better to take with a bit of food such as a morning smoothie.

Then you can nibble again after a few hours to receive just the correct amount of medication throughout the day.

You may be surprised how long a cookie or brownie lasts when you nibble the correct amount throughout the day. Patients on a budget find edibles to be extremely cost-effective.

Not every family is open-minded about cannabis use, even though users agree that cannabis is so much safer than prescription drugs. Still, to remain in good graces with the family, edibles can help you get the medicine you need without causing conflict at home.

While it may take longer for edibles to take effect, they often work smoothly and for a pretty long time throughout the day. Overlapping doses every few hours ensures gentle and effective medication.

Are you ready to try edibles for yourself? Check out our menu for a nice selection of edibles. Unsure of what you need? Give us a call and let us help!

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