Edibles…a GREAT Alternative!

When people think of medical marijuana they think of smoking cannabis. This is not the only option available for ailing patients. Ingestion of cannabis has been around as long as smoking, and for some more relief is gained through edibles. Edibles vary from extracts to cookies to candy bars, and what works best for you may depend on your personal taste. Edibles can prove to be extremely effective for chronic pain issues and insomnia because of the lasting effects, whereas smoking cannabis can lead to less relief time because it is absorbed directly into the blood stream through the lungs rather than through the digestive system.

The specific relief an edible can deliver can vary from person to person based on tolerance, metabolism and overall body weight. Generally Edibles are broken down into multiple dosages and it is recommended that patients start with one dose wait approximately 45 minutes to an hour before taking a second dose to properly gage the amount required to assist you in your specific ailment.

If you suffer from a condition in your throat or lungs edibles may be a valid alternative to smoking cannabis. Edibles also prove to be a more discreet method of consuming cannabis, and can be used in almost any environment. So if you are suffering but don’t like smoking or if you just want to give your lungs a break, try an edible and see if it offers you relief!


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