Experience Unrivaled Potency With Korova Edibles

5150For those patients looking for potency, we have the products for you! Calibloom will now be carrying a variety of Korova Brand edibles, including their famous Fifty-One-Fifty Bar; a potent blend of the  award winning Korova chocolate chip cookie baked on top of a Triple Chocolate Brownie. This bar packs a whopping 500mg of THC!  At only $25 per bar, the Fifty-One-Fifty Bars are a great value for those who require a high dose for their medical needs.

We’re not stopping there though! In addition, we have added Korova cookies to our expansive edible menu, including the  Five Dose (250mg) Peanut Butter Dip Cookie , made from a classic recipe and loaded with crunchy peanuts and dipped it in chocolate for only $15, and the Triple (150mg) Dose Chocolate Chip Cookie, virtually exploding with chocolate chips and brown sugar, these sweet buttery chocolate Chip Cookies are sure to please, especially at the bargain price of $10 apiece.

Finally, we are offering Korova’s take on the classic medicated brownie .A large dose of medicine in a small package, these brownies pack 150mg of THC into one decadent treat, and are also going for $10 each.

Stock up, but proceed with caution!

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