Golden Age of Concentrates

Calibloom has expanded our offerings of concentrates!

Recently, the variety, potency, and purity of the options on the market has continued to grow, leading some to declare this “the golden age of concentrates”. If you’re new to this arena, don’t be shy, ask us!  For the newbies and the dab veterans,  here’s a quick guide to the products we have on the menu right now.

Innovative Rubberized Packaging
Innovative Rubberized Packaging


IVXX “Sugar” Wax: An opaque, stable, fully crystallized extract that with a golden, granular appearance. These come in an innovative, rubberized packaging- making it easy to transfer from the container and eliminating any waste. 


Talking Tree Farms Rosin : Produced by Talking Tree Farms and fresh from Humboldt County, this ultra-premium Rosin is potent, pure, and pesticide free. It has a clear amber color and a smooth texture. Each gram comes with it’s lab test results on it- currently ranging up to a whopping 86% THC.

The three layers of Moon Rocks: bud, wax, keif
The three layers of Moon Rocks: bud, wax, keif


Moon Rocks : A Moon Rock is a celestial bud of Girl Scout Cookies, drenched in CO2 oil, and then coated in a heavy layer of “sicdust” (or kief). This cosmic blend boasts a THC percentage of roughly 52, and can be smoked out of a traditional flower pipe.


Sour Diesel Hash: A traditional dark hash, extracted from one of the most beloved sativa strains around.



If you want a more in-depth look at the different types of concentrates and how they are created, here’s a link an excellent in-depth explanation of these different methods of medicating.


Shatter Vs. Wax Vs. Sugar


Remember, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying out new methods to medicate. As always, we would love your feedback on products and services! We encourage you to text the delivery line, email us, or post pictures and reviews on our Weedmaps or social media sites!

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