Green Hornets Swarm San Diego

green hornetAn invasion of Green Hornets have taken nest in San Diego, with Calibloom at the center of the impending  epidemic. These hornets are small, powerful, and each packs four times the potency of a single ‘sting’. However, there is no cause for alarm, only celebration!

Why, you may ask?

As opposed to the nasty menace you have in mind, these hornets are the latest release from the notoriously innovative Cheeba Chews. These delicious Medicated Marijuana Gummy candies are every bit as compact and potent as the traditional Cheeba Chews (which are designed to taste similar to tootsie rolls) already available through Calibloom, but now with the convenience of a gummy treat! These are an excellent alternative for our patients who prefer to take their medication in edible form, but are looking for a non-chocolate treat.

Each one of these bad boys is packed with a quadruple dose of medication in an ultra compact form- with 70mg of THC and 275mg of trichrome extract. They are available in Sativa and Indica forms, and are retailing for $12 per unit.

Already too good to be true? Just to “sweeten the deal”, we’ll be selling them for the introductory price of $10 each through Saturday, October 5th!

Call in now to get your first taste!

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