House Made Edibles Now Have Consistent Dosing

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

Calibloom is stocked up on fresh baked brownies and peanut butter cookies! Our house-made edibles now have a set amount of milligrams so you can experience the joy of fresh baked treats with the assurance of reliable dosing.

At 50mg per brownie and 50mg per pack of cookies for $5 apiece, these delectable baked goods are some of the most cost-effective items on our menu. Call us on “Munchie Mondays” to cash in on our buy four get one free special to “sweeten the deal”!

Do you have a favorite baked-good that you would like to see on our menu? Or would you like to special order something specific for yourself or a for a special occasion? Lauren, our resident baker would be more than happy to oblige! Cakes, caramels, cookies, dessert bars, even savory treats like popcorn are possibilities! Text Calibloom about it, or email Lauren at

Happy Munching!


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