How Much is Enough?

The cannabis market is exploding with new products, new methods to medicate, and an ever-increasing movement towards a milligram-controlled dosing.


With this in mind, you may be wondering- how do you choose your optimal product, and with that, find a4db155283a04fa50b4fbc67737673bcyour optimal dose?


The first thing to do when deciding  is to remember the differences between the two varieties of cannabis. Sativa varieties traditionally are the ones that people use to achieve potent cerebral effects. Sativa varieties tend to work more on the mind, enhancing creativity, enlivening thought, increasing sociability (and with that, increasing appetite, also known as the “munchies”). Indica varieties, on the other hand, are traditionally more body-based; thus it is used for pain, for sleep, and for relaxation. With the abundance of today’s strain varieties and the ever-increasing pervasiveness of hybridized strains, though, and particularly with new research about terpenes, we realize that the boundaries between the two varieties are not so cut and dried.


It’s a good idea to read a basic description of the cannabis varieties you are considering. Go to the menu here at and read the descriptions or call in for a consultation. There may be a subtle effect you need or want and you should try that variety to see how it works for you.


So let’s get to the question of proper dosing- what steps do we take to figure it out? There’s nothing wrong with using sizable quantities and getting “high or stoned”. Sometimes when dealing with illness or injury, what we often need is to rest our minds as well as our bodies. That being said, I cannot count the amount of stories I have heard of people incorrectly dosing an edible, taking too much, and having an unpleasant experience.


If we simply want to take care of what ails us and still function at work or at home, the best thing to do is go by trial and error. People sometimes call this titration. What is means, simply, is to start with a relatively low dose, staying aware of how much it was, and noticing the effects you get. If you need more medicine to address pain, anxiety, sleep, or other issues, increase your dose slowly to get the effect you need. This will allow you to build up a baseline tolerance.


As a rule of thumb, begin with 5-10mg ( the industry standard of a “dose” is 10mg), and then move up another 5 milligrams at each jump.In the case of edibles, though, please remember that it may take up a full two hours for the medicine to kick in, and generally takes a full hour to 90 minutes to feel initial effects. Many of us have gone through the somewhat unpleasant experience of re-dosing too soon of and being incapacitated after a couple of hours.


Remember, there is no such thing as a physically dangerous level of marijuana to ingest, so there is no physical overdose risk.  If you need some help figuring any this out, or would like more information on the wealth of products we offer, give us a call! We are glad to help!

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