How to Interpret Our Lab Tests

Now that we have lab testing for virtually our entire menu I figured I’d write a very brief guide on what the two main potency numbers, THC % and CBD %, really mean.

THC: Is the psychoactive component of marijuana that is responsible for the majority of the high associated with MMJ.  THC is very versatile and can cause feelings of happiness, euphoria, extra energy, hunger, and relaxation.

The THC range found for “medical grade” marijuana goes from about 10% on the low end to up to 25% for the absolute most potent.

As an example on our current menu the highest THC we have is Acapulco Gold with a hefty 23.8%.

CBD:  Is a non-psychoactive component that changes the effect of the THC.  Typically high CBD levels will cause added happiness and euphoria while decreasing effects of anxiety and nervousness that high levels of THC can sometimes cause.  CBDs are very effective at treating anxiety, pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation.

The levels of CBD are typically much lower than that of THC, the range usually caps at  about 3%.

Right now an example of high CBDs on our menu is Afwreck with 1.6% CBD.

Summary:  So what does this all mean?

High THC and High CBD:  Provides a strong mental high while keeping your body feeling relaxed and “heavy”.

Example:  Blue Dream, THC 20.4%, CBD 1.5%

High THC and Low CBD:  Provides a strong mental high with a high level of energy.  Very low body feel.  Some patients get anxiety from a large % of THC with low CBD levels.

Example:  Acapulco Gold, THC 23.8%, CBD 0.4%.

High CBD and Low THC:  The “couch lock” experience… very heavy body feel and slows the mind, great for relaxation and anxiety relief.

Example: LA Confidential, THC 15.5%, CBD 1.0%.

Hope this helps with your selection… stay tuned for my next post on the actual difference between “Sativa” and “Indica” these days with the vast amount of hybridization!

– Matt

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