Introducing CaliBalm

CaliBloom is proud to announce the newest addition to our menu, CaliBalm, our in-house crafted, organic line of pain relieving topical balms by Lauren Daye.

CaliBalm’s signature soothing salve


CaliBalm is an emerging line of cannabis infused, pain relieving topicals made from high quality, all natural, all organic ingredients. Each of CaliBalms’ blends is hand crafted, incorporating the highest grade organic coconut oil infused with cannabis through a meticulous process of whole plant extraction; a technique designed to capture a full terpine profile in order to deliver the maximum possible therapeutic “entourage” effect .  The “CocoBis” oil is then combined with carefully selected therapeutic-grade essential oils that work synergistic-ally with the properties of the cannabis, ensuring these balms deliver immediate, powerful localized pain relief while moisturizing the skin and delighting the senses.


CaliBalm is the line’s signature soothing salve, a topical that combines the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis with the essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint for maximum therapeutic benefits and an uplifting, fresh scent. African Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil provide for a smooth application and supple skin feel.


As always, we are here to hear from you! Call us with your questions, comments, or to request a sample- and be on the lookout for more new and exciting products coming soon!

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