Introducing FlavRX Full Gram Cartridges!

CaliBloom is delighted to announce the addition of a new product line to our menu!

After combing the market for the best value in full gram cartridges, FlavRX emerged as the clear choice. Why? FlavRx is at the forefront of scientific cannabis extraction and infusion. Taking purified raw cannabinoids extracted from their proprietary solventless method, they then infuse it with unique terpene blends. Their extraction technique ensures a highly pure cannabis concentrate with no residual waxes or fats. Their terpene blends are made specifically to strain type to provide the natural flavors and tastes from their original Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.

In short, all the amazing medicine you want from the cannabis plant (terpines along with THC/CBD), without solvents such as Glycol, with the cutting-edge price of $50 for a full gram. With compact packaging and killer flavors, whats not to love?

The new cartridges are able to be used with the batteries that we have previously sold, but CaliBloom will also be carrying two varieties of FlavRx batteries and gummy candy. Both the “draw” and the “push button” battery are 510 threaded with button activation and fit with nearly all standard vape pen cartridges. The push button variety produces larger hits. The gummy candy will be selling at $20 a pack, with each pack of bears or rainbows containing 10 25mg candies.

As with all of our non-flower items, CaliBlooms’ new FlavRx offerings qualify for our buy 5, get 1 free all the time special and come with a 100% satifaction guarantee. Order some today and let the flavor come to you!

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