Now Carrying Kiva Vaporizer Cartridges

kiva cartridgesE-Vaping technology is revolutionizing the industry and consumer experience, and new and exciting products are starting to hit the market with force. After carefully vetting the options to ensure you have a “higher vaporizer experience” , Calibloom will now be carrying Kiva E-Vaporizer cartridges in Indica and Sativa varieties in addition to the always heavy-hitting Bhang Pure cartridges.

Kiva Confections, a California-based nonprofit, has become renown in both the medical marijuana and confectioners community in San Diego for their masterfully crafted medicated chocolates- and now they are bringing the same finesse to vaping. Inside every HIGHLIGHTER™ Cannabis Oil Vapor Cartridge, you will find a strong, consistent and flavorful experience.

Each cartridge contains 400 mg of THC and will be selling for $35 apiece.

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