PrimaCan Cannabis Pills

PrimaCan PillsDue to difficulties with Yak pill production, we had to branch out and find a new cannabis pill product. Once we found PrimaCan and tried it out, we couldn’t have been happier. PrimaCan was created by one of the founders of Yak pills, and he has improved on the recipe. Say goodbye to the invariable doses, PrimaCan’s pills are scientifically tested and measured to be 10mg THC per pill, and there is 24 pills in a bottle instead of 12. The Yak pills would sometimes melt, and splitting them in half was difficult. PrimaCan pills are pressed tablets, they don’t melt and they can easily be split up into smaller portions. They’re practically identical to any pressed vitamin product. The bottles have childproof caps and are sealed to prevent tampering. What else could you want in a cannabis pill?
Try them out today and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “PrimaCan Cannabis Pills”

  1. What’s the best way to take PrimaCan tablets? I’ve heard many theories, from just swallowing to boiling in hot water or adding to tea. Is there any method better than another?

  2. That depends on what they’re made of. Most mfg’s add bulking agents like alfalfa and other ‘inert?’ ingredients. I’ve personally found that food digestion really does depend on your blood type.

    I make my own canna pills that are blood type neutral. They act fast on all blood types, have very even dosages and are shelf stable.

    Awesomeness! :D

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