Why Topicals?

Most of us struggle with pain of one kind or another. It doesn’t matter how old we are or how hard we work to stay csalve1healthy-pain is part of being human and always has been. As a non-profit medicinal marijuana collective, we are grateful to be able to be a part of the natural-health movement, a movement which appears to be igniting real social change as Americans use more natural remedies instead of potentially harmful pharmaceuticals for pain.

Recent studies show an enormous rise in deaths from pain pills. Many initiatives, as well as individual doctors, are reacting to the prescription drug epidemic by dialing back on the number of prescriptions being written. This is an important, potentially life saving measure, but safe and effective alternative methods are necessary to fill this gap without unduly increasing suffering.

We here at Calibloom feel that everyone can benefit from cannabis for pain relief alongside it’s many other health benefits, but we know smoking or vaping isn’t for everyone. For those who work at jobs where experiencing mental effects can be problematic, even edibles have some drawbacks. For example, our friend Matt, a lawyer, has terrible post-surgery back pain but cannot smoke, vape, or eat edibles because he needs to be focused and sharp most days.

Imagine Matt’s delight, then, when we gave him a sample of C-Salve, an organic pain relief topical made with cannabis. Like most people, Matt opened the little jar, took up a little chunk of C-Salve, and rubbed it into his skin. His eyes opened wide as he said, “Wow! Where did the pain go?”

We get the question often- do topical balms like C-Salve make you high? Except in very rare circumstances, they do not, because they don’t reach the bloodstream but only enter through cannabinoid receptors. If you want to delve deeper into the science on this, click here.  Hence, applying the balm for localized pain is an ideal method for those who need to stay mentally unaffected.

In other cases, a combination of methods is the most effective. Our friend Silvia, for example, has severe pain related to degeneration and inflammation. She says that she needs both edibles and topicals throughout the day to manage. She has tried various dispensary topicals and says that C-Salve is the only product that consistently works on her chronic pain. What is different about C-Salve, you ask?

C-Salve is handcrafted with organic oils and plenty of love. It absorbs quickly, smells divine, and the pain relief lasts for several hours. Most individuals polled say that if they keep applying every few hours, they can remain pain free throughout the day.

Click into the menu to get some C-Salve to try for yourself. This highly concentrated new product will be selling at the introductory rate of $25 per tub for a limited time!



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