Your Body is Coded for Cannabis

Did you know that your body was built for cannabis?

To understand what that means, you need to understand the idea of receptors in your body. When we eat protein, for example, our digestive system has specific openings designed to absorb protein. It’s like a lock and key; nothing else can go into that receptor except for proteins. The same goes for our other key nutrients, fats and sugars. Of course, our bodies have many different kinds of receptors for different things, but in 1992—which is quite late in terms of health research—scientists found a whole new system of receptors in the human body, endocannabinoid receptors- which are processed by the endocannabinoid system.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, endo means inside and cannabinoids are the natural chemicals in cannabis. Most of us are quite familiar with THC, but cannabis contains more than THC, and all cannabinoids have properties with the potential contribute to our health. Isn’t it incredible that nature built in an entire neural  system of receptors to receive cannabinoids?!

Human Endocannabinoid System

What do cannabinoids do for our bodies? Researchers have found a whole spectrum of cannabinoid effects. Click on the link for a spectacular chart on what cannabinoids can do. They play a key role in conception, pregnancy, and producing mother’s milk. They can help inhibit cancer. They reduce inflammation, which is a key source or aggravating factor of many diseases.

We here at CaliBloom advocate for whole-plant cannabis, not synthetic extracts as proposed by profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies. This is because the whole plant contains a variety of cannabinoids, and different strains have a varied cannabinoid content. That’s the reason you may want to test different varieties on your own body to see what your endocannabinoid system likes best. Leafly provides excellent information on the cannabinoid content of the varieties you may see here on our website. It’s fun and educational to check out our various strains and see what you’re getting in cannabinoids. Try it!null

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